50-50 template in w3.css

so hello guys i am back with my new tutorial and this is a tutorial on something new

On how to create a template in w3.css . guys this is very good language and i have used it in many of my project and i love it because it is easy to read and write the codes of this language….

so guys lets get started with a all new template design with 50-50 design…

so lets start

first os all see the demo below and you can also download it from here :

Demo Download

so guys as you can see in the demo it is a very beautiful website design by me 

so lets talk about the structure so need not worry its a single page webiste coded fully in 1 page in just couple of lines of codes…

and that’s a very good thing about this language , write less do more

so i hope you guys enjoy


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and as i always says ,

stay tuned for more updates…