Blog template in html and css


so hello guys today i am am here with a new tutorial on how to create a blog template in basic html and css…

so guys first of all this is a very good looking template but it is a basic template but you can add more features in this template by just simple html and css…

so guys i hope that if you are a programming lover you know basics of html and css but if you don’t you can learn it from or you can simply download the template,

from here…

Demo Download

so guys here is the structure of the template


so guys this is a very basic template as you can see the structuer and there is no image for a logo because i have designed it myself from html and css so you guys can edit it with your name easily if you want to edit it otherwise you can leave it as it is with my logo 🙂

so guys i hope that you enjoy this tutorial and may have download it too and if don’t download it right now


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and as i always says

Stay tuned for more updates…