How to create a forum in php, mysql.

so hello guys i am here with a new tutorial on how to create a forum ,its a basic forum and i took inspiration for this project from quora so that i am able to create this project . first of all its a very easy and simple or you can say basic project that allows user to create threads/questions and answer them too…

so lets get started-

Demo  Download

so guys first of all there are many features in this project like–

Features of this forum.

There are mainly three pannels made,

a)User who is currently not login. (limited access)
b)User who currently login. (have control to its own account)
c)admin pannel (High access too all the users data and have control too all the comments)

so as you can see the features above it is simple and sweet…

Software requirement.

WAMP Server
XAMPP Server
MAMP Server
LAMP Server

Installation steps

Download the zip file
extract the valuable file using win.zar on your local server.
Put this file inside “c:/wamp/www/” or “c:/xampp/htdocs/”

Open localhost/phpmyadmin in any browser
Create Database named “forum”.
Import database db_name.sql.
Open Chrome or Firefox or any browser and put URL: “http://localhost/file_name/”

Admin Login

Admin login details:
Login Id : admin
Password : admin

so guys that’s all for this project

stay tuned for more updates…