How to make a bookstore management system in php and mysqli.

So hello guys today i am back with my new tutorial on how to create a (BMS) / Bookstore management system in php, mysql, html, and css…

So guys first of all i will tell you te features in this project…

Demo Download

Features list:

  1. Front view for displaying the books for the visitors.
  2. books are displayed in the table format.
  3. fully transparent background
  4. admin panel to add books with its detailed description and its price.

Note: admin panel can be seen by everyone because it is not having any login form but you can add the login form so that only the admin can see the admin panel.

so guys lets see that what are the requirements for this project

  1. Wamp/xamp or mamp.
  2.  basic knowledge of html, css and php.

Thats it

so now lets see the screenshots of the project:

Front view:



Admin panel:


so guys as you can see that it is the basic Bms system using php mysql and html css.

You can go to the admin page by clicking on the Post books link in the header.

Hope you enjoyed it and you can download it by the button of download given above.

So guys thanks

and stay tuned for more updates.

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