how to check domain availability in php

Hello guys i am back with my new tutorial on how to create a system in which we can check domain availability in php and bootstrap.

so lets get started,

What is domain?

A domain is the identity of a website,by which a website can be accessed like, all are the domain and we visit the website by the domain name.In short the domain is the address by which the website can be accessed on a server.

What can we do by a domain?

If we are planning to make a website for our business like web developer, ecommerce store or any portfolio website,a domain if helpful for you so that the visitors can visit your website and you can get hits by them.Basically a domain name is a name of your website like mine and yours, a unique name is given to every person so that it can be easy to remember the person same as website, a unique domain name is given to the website so that people can remember it easily.

How to Buy domain?

There are many marketplace like,,,, from which you can buy domains at the cheaper rate.

Well there are many marketplace for buying domain names but i refer godaddy because it gives a fabulous service to their customers.

Infact is a godaddy domain.

So guys i hope that the above info is more than sufficient for domain names

Now Lets come to project details

The project is written in php and bootstrap

There are only few lines of codes in the project after all there is only one page in the project.

In this project the user can search for the domain and when user hit enter the GET function is called.and the value is taken from the url and has been put in the function called gethostbyname(); , its a function in php by whcih the server get the dns information and search whether it is in use or not.

So you have to make one file called domain.php

So guys as you can see that it is a file that contains all the code.

basically what it does,it take the domain what user entered in the input box and apply function called gethostbyname();

and shows whether it is available or not and if available it shows the list of the registrars like godaddy,, and automatically search for the domain there and then the user can directly add the domain in the cart and buy it.

That’s it guys you can paste all the codes in any editor and save it with domain.php

and when you run the file in the localhost you can see that how it work

Thanks a Lot

Stay tuned for more updates…