How to make a login and registration system in php mysql

So hello guys today i am going to show you all how to create a login and registration system in php and mysql ,as we all already know that if we are creating a advanced php project and want to add security in it we have to add a login and registration system to avoid scam and spam users in your website otherwise it will be full of spam and there are tons of unwanted post that are totally waste.

So guys lets get started – First of all ,

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Why login and registration system?

So guys as i have already told you above that to add more security and avoid spam you have to add login and registration system in your website and if you are surfing the web for the basic login and registration system in php ,mysql,html and css .This is the system in which i am going to give you all that fully responsive login and register page in pue css and html…

Biggest company who owns login marketplace on the web.

So guys as we all know that facebook a social networking website driven by php is holding 90% in login industry,as it gives developers an option to add a feature of login through facebook in their website in which they are telling the user how to add a login feature in their website. So this time also facebook wins the Race. And why not as it is the most advance website of all time having many features than many other website in the market.And that’s why 800 million people are using facebook everyday.

So guys lets come to our topic ,lets discuss about the login and registration in php and mysql.

So first of all in this system you don’t have to write many codes ,just few codes and Bang!!! ,you have just added security to your website.

it is a very basic system that helps you a lot.

Features –

  1. User can login.
  2. User can register.
  3. There is a home page in which we are going to show user details.
  4. If user is not logged in they can not go to home page .
  5. if user is not logged out they are redirected o the home page and not able to look index.php page which contain login and register cards.

That’s all in this system, and that is enough security in a login and registration system to be added.

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