Chatting web application with php, mysql, w3.css

chatting web application

Hey guys today is a very good day of mine as i have completed my 2 Project based on php mysql and i am very happy so guys i have been releasing one of them today. It is a chatting we application with online and offline feature so that a user can chat with the friend who is online an as you know that i have released the Social network version 1 before this one, I have used the same feature in that too for showing that whether the person is online or offline and if the person is offline ,the last seen feature is also there.

so guys lets get started with this one…

Demo Download

So guys first of all let me tell you the features of the project.

Features –

  1. Login and registration functionality to secure the website.
  2. Online and offline feature to show that the person is online or not.
  3. Chatting feature so that one person can chat to the person who is online.
  4. Fully responsive.
  5. Logout function (of course).

And that is it guys small project with basic function.

I have released this project because many people ping me up to upload this type of post on my website so i decided to post it.

many people often ask me that how to make a online offline feature so guys here you go in this project you can learn how to make a online, offline feature and how to make a chatting application in basic php, mysql,w3.css.

yes guys you heard it right i am using w3.css in this project because seriously guys it is too good when it comes to responsiveness of a website and truly i am falling love with w3.css it is easy to read and write codes in it as you have already observed in my previous project of Social network 1 .this is really cool language.

So guys lets see how it looks.

Index page –


Index page responsiveness – 


Home Page – 


Chat page – 


Chat page responsiveness – 



So guys that’s it with the screen shots and i think it looks pretty DOPE! .

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Thanks a lot for reading i’ll see you next time

Good bye…