The Best Web Hosting Providers [Tutorial]

best web hosting

Hello guys, i am back with my new tutorial on choosing the best web hosting provider.

So lets get started,

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is important for establishing the business or website online,if you have any type of Website/Blog.

So the web hosting help to take your business website or individual website online and make it popular so that everyone can go through and explore it.So web hosting help to upload a website on an online server. But as there are many of the hosting providers on the Web, so you have to choose the best between all of them.

So here are the some of them Hosting provider which is best when it comes to domain and hosting services.

 Few Important things to note:

  • Never ever use free hosting providers as they do not have any up time guarantee so your website can be down any time and it is also possible that they remove your website without any notice before removing it.

So, No to Free hosting!!!

  • Another point to be noted is that check that how much up time guarantee did the hosting company offers.It must be 99% or 100% and is you see this much up-time in a hosting provider then go for that without any second thought in your mind.
  • Do not take any free domain for your website as it is not easily remembered by the users and the users of your website won’t come on your website again as they don’t remember your website. So go for the paid domain like .com, .in, .org, .info etc…

So these are main point which you see before taking a Web Hosting. Below are some of the best Hosting and domain providers on the internet.


This is the best hosting providers on the internet as my several website are hosted on hostinger. You can sign up for hostinger here (Sign Up). This Website offers free, premium, business plans , and as i told you above that do not go for a free plan as it does not have enough bandwidth and your website won’t be able to handle enough traffic.

I personally prefer Premium plan and it is not so expensive and offers unlimited bandwidth, inodes, mysql databases


Visit Hostinger Here!

Another hosting provider is


As we all know that godaddy is the top most company in the Web hosting and domain providers and all that kind of stuff. So godaddy is also good for web hosting service and domain service.It also offers unlimited unlimited bandwidth for the website, so it can handle unlimited traffic on your website.

So if you want a website hosting and really interested for buying hosting service then you can go for godaddy

Visit Godaddy here

So guys i prefer these two hosting providers and they also provides domain services also, so you can check out these website and choose in both of them. I prefer hostinger for hosting and domain service.

So i think that this much information for choosing the best Web hosting service

Thanks a lot

and as i always say,

stay tuned for more updates.