Subscribe and Unsubscribe System in php and mysql


Hey guys ,welcome to another new blog post and i know after a very long time i am writing a blog but my exams are going so hope you guys understand. so here we go with the new project and it is usefull project and i hope you will like it.

so lets get started,

Demo Download

What is a subscribing system?

• It is a system in which user submit their basic information like email and name and when every time a new post or new content is published on the website or a blog , the user will be updated via email notification. so guys as you know is a very useful system which is used in various blog, website, and apps.

How this system works?

• This is a very simple system in php and mysql and some basic html and css which is used in the form of framework (w3.css) and i have use this framework in my various projects like-

so in this system when user enter their information, the name and email is stored in the database and the user get notified immediately with the email with their name email and unsubscribing link by which they can unsubscribe their email from the system and their information is deleted from the databse and this unsubscribing system is fully protected with the hash.

so you can use this script wherever you want and you can add the system like when you post a message all the subscribed user will be notified with the email and in future i will be adding this feature in this script.

so lets take a look on the source codes –

Database –

you can simply add this export this script in the database in the phpmyadmin.



Here you have to change your

  • database host,
  • username,
  • password and
  • database name.



Change your domain name and replace it with you domain on which the script is hosted.


So here you go guys, here is the simple and sweet subscribe and unsubscribe system in php and mysql.

You just have to change some information with yours and you are ready to go. you can see the demo above and also download the script from the button above.

so that’s it.

Thanks and stay tuned for more updates.