One Page Hosting Template In w3.css


Hey guys whats up It’s been a long time since i am not blogging regularly because my exams are going on , so i hope you guys understand so lets go,

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As you can see form the title above this is the tutorial for how to make a one page hosting template in w3.css and as you guys already know that w3.css is a html and css framework like bootstrap as you don have to write many codes in it for css separately because it does the work for you as their are pre-designed classes in it , so that’s how it makes thing easy and beautiful. And as many of you already know that many of my projects including Social Network is designed in w3.css

So lets get to the main point,

Basically guys i thing that many of you are aware of web hosting and if you don’t go check out my post on web hosting here – Web Hosting Tutorial.

So there are many of the scripts in the market which you can used for making your own web hosting company like godaddy, bluehost etc , and many of us thing to make a first page of the hosting website looks good because

“First Impression is the last impression”

So for those who wants to show their website looks great this tutorial is for them. So,

What Is in this tutorial ?

In this tutorial i am sharing a one page theme designed and developed by me for you guys and you can put it in your hosting website as a front page so it will look good, and all you need to do is just remove the logo that i put on the header and change it with yours and change the title and link of the page.

So in his tutorial , as it is a one page website it having only one page of coding in it and here it is


So As i told you above there are the couple of changes you have to to and you are good to Go…

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