Text To Link Converter In Php and mysql


Hey Guys I am back with my new tutorial on how to create text to link converter in PHP and MySQL . So many wanted to use text to link converter in their forms or anything like that so I have created a whole wall system in which I have added the text to link converter system. so it’ll be a lot more easier for you to embed this system anywhere you want.

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First of all, I will tell you

How This System Works?

So in this system there is a form which contains two feilds

  1. Name
  2. Body

So that user can enter their name and the body , and when user type the text inside the body feild and share any type of link in the text ,so this system automatically detect the link wherever in between the text and convert it into a clickable link. so that we can click and visit the link share by a user.

Its a common feature that most of the social networking site like facebook , Twitter have.

So In this system there are just couple of lines of codes so lets take a look at them


Db.php (Contains Database Connection)

Replace these detail with your database details.


For The demo purposes i have limit the no. of post to display and make it to 5 that means that only the recent 5 records will show up on the page.

For the Frontend i have used w3.css


It is the page where the form will submit the data in the database.

So , guys that’s all for the codes and as i said there is only couple of lines of codes in each page and its a very basic tutorial.

That’s it for This tutorial and  see you next time

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