Simple image upload Class in PHP.

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Hey, guys today I am back with another awesome tutorial in which I am going to show you guys one simple Image Uploading Class. Image Upload class is developed to cut down the lengthy process of file upload in a simple manner. Upload PHP class is written with the objective of `simple to use` in mind. Upload PHP class is written in PHP and its free.

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So Let’s get started,

what Upload PHP class is?

basically, Upload Php is a class which contains file uploading and error handling code and wrapped them together.

why use image upload class?

Upload PHP class is created with the primary goal of being simple to use. Upload PHP cut the lengthy file uploading code to 1 line


Download the Upload.php from the links and include that file to the index.php then wait for the form to get submitted then create an array of allowed extension.
Call the Upload(); this method will take four parameters
1. upload file super global $_FILES[‘files’];
2. The directory in which file will be uploaded.
3. Max allowed file upload size in bytes.
4. allowed extension array


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Thanks for reading.

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