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Hey Guys, I am Back with another most requested tutorial on my blog and youtube channel. So As you guys know that Sending SMS for notification, verifying user’s phone number by sending OTP SMS is the new way of security. So To send any sort of message on user’s phone number requires SMS Gateway to send them through API.

So There are many gateways which are very good but I have developed something for you guys.

Introducing my new SMS Gateway Paysify by which you can send SMS programmatically. This website allows Any user to send SMS using paysify API.

So let’s get started,

So, first of all, you need to create an account on, you will get 10 free SMS credits as a signup bonus.

Then you have to log in and click on API link given on the right sidebar.

And generate a Unique API key of your account, and below that API KEY, the documentation of how to use and sample codes are given so that you guys can use it easily.

So let me explain that how can you send SMS using Paysify.

So you just have to use this below function to send SMS using paysify API using GET method.

This function Requires 4 Arguments


So By calling this function, you will get a set of data as a JSON response.

and if the message has been sent then you will get the response as-

and if any error occurred then you will get this response –

So this is the simple function to send SMS in PHP using is only for Indian users right now, I will be expanding soon.

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Thanks a lot.